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AHCC® for Immunity.
Proven Science. Real Results.

AHCC® for Immunity.
Proven Science.
Real Results.

Backed by over 20 Human Clinical Studies

Why AHCC® ?

We believe in effective products backed by research, which is why we have turned to AHCC®. There is growing evidence that daily consumption of AHCC® has the following 3 effects:

Strengthens The Immune System

AHCC® is able to improve the body’s immunity by kickstarting the production of important immune cells.

Eradicates Infection

Improves Body's Response to Infection

The glucans in AHCC® are adept at stimulating the immune system to find and destroy harmful pathogens.

Prevents Disease

Key Player In Disease Response

Over 30 clinical trials – including 20 human trials – have indicated AHCC®‘s benefits in treating cancers and preventing illness.

Boosting Your Immune System, As Easy As AHCC®

Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC®) is an immune-modulating mushroom extract obtained from the shiitake mushroom species.

Used for centuries in traditional medicine to strengthen the immune system and protect against infection and disease.

Today, AHCC® is one of the best researched nutritional supplements, with over 30 clinical trials supporting its use.

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What Makes AHCC® Unique?

AHCC® is composed of medicinal compounds called alpha and beta-glucans. These glucans stimulate the immune system helping the body identify and eliminate pathogens and abnormal cell growth.

The alpha-glucan can be easily absorbed and taken up by the immune system.

Real Talk From Our Real Customers

Loyal customers, we love ’em. Which makes things easier as that’s what most of ours become. Not convinced? We’ll let them do the talking.

AHCC® has been a revelation. I’ve been looking for a natural supplement to help me boost my immunity in these trying times and AHCC® by PapillexTM fits the bill perfectly. Thanks PapillexTM 🙂

Jada Franklin
Jada Franklin
Michael Slater
I’ve tried many different supplements over the years but this one really feels like it’s making a difference. The research that’s come out about AHCC® over the last few years has given me the confidence to incorporate it into my lifestyle. The team at PapillexTM have made sure this has been as hassle-free as possible, thanks again guys!
Michael Slater

Understanding AHCC®

If you want to learn more about the benefits of AHCC® you’ve come to the right place. We strive to deliver regular news and guidance on all things AHCC®.

Let our naturopathic experts help you on your wellness journey.

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