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AHCC® Benefits

Discover the remarkable benefits of our AHCC® supplement.

AHCC®: The Immunomodulator

The benefits of AHCC® come from the compound’s broad-spectrum impact on the immune system.

As an immunomodulator, AHCC® can change, suppress, and strengthen the response of the immune system depending on the perceived threat.

The AHCC® compound has been researched regarding its effectiveness across a range of applications including conditions like:

  • Cancer
  • Viral infections
  • Epilepsy
  • Weak immune system
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The Immune System

The immune system operates through a network of organs, tissues, and immune molecules that work together in a delicate balance to identify, and eliminate pathogens and invaders, as well as repair trauma.

The immune system is intertwined with all other systems in the body. When the immune system is balanced and functioning well, people tend to be healthy. When there is imbalance, weakness, or excessive stimulation, there is the potential for disease.

Strengthening and maintaining the immune system depends on the health status of the rest of the body. Lifestyle factors like diet, exercise, and stress play an important role in creating a healthy foundation for the immune system.

Inflammation, environmental toxins, infections, and other diseases put added stress on the immune system, reducing its resources to fight off disease. 

Certain medications, plants, and fungal species have been found to have an affinity for immune cells in the body, helping stimulate their production. 

AHCC® is one of the best-researched natural immune supports and has been found to benefit immune health through:

  • Enhancing the production of natural killer (NK) cells: NK cells play an important role in defending against viral infections and tumor cells.
  • Stimulating dendritic cells: white blood cells that detect and present foreign material to the immune system to amplify a response.
  • Producing cytokines: the chemical messengers that help direct and enhance the immune response, eliminate tumor cell growth, and reduce inflammation.
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AHCC® has been extensively studied for its role in cancer.

AHCC® can support cancer treatment through modifying the production of important immune molecules including, NK cells and interleukin-12, that provide tumor immunity protection.

The compound has been studied as an adjunctive treatment in breast, liver, pancreatic, colon cancer, and more. The findings suggest AHCC® may improve cell immunity and control cancer growth.

AHCC® has also been used to reduce the side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

Overall, AHCC® has been shown to improve quality of life in cancer patients.

Viral Infections

AHCC® has been evaluated as an anti-viral agent. Studies investigating the use of AHCC® in West Nile virus, influenza virus, avian influenza, and hepatitis C have all found an improvement in viral clearance by increasing the concentration of NK and T cells. 

Two clinical trials have also found AHCC® to improve viral clearance and eradication of HPV in females with persistent high-risk infections. 

More recent findings suggest AHCC® may be effective in promoting a protective response against respiratory illnesses caused by coronaviruses.

Amazing AHCC®

Together, the studies into AHCC® support the broad-reaching impact that this natural compound has on the body.

By focusing on strengthening the immune system, we gain an advantage in avoiding illness and disease.

If you’re interested in this immunity boosting antiviral mushroom extract, please go to the AHCC® product page for more information and to make your purchase!

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