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What Is AHCC® ?

Understand the science behind this remarkable mushroom extract

Where Does AHCC® Come From?

AHCC® is a clinically researched mushroom extract that naturally supports the immune system to improve its response to infection and disease.

AHCC® is derived from the Lentinula edodes species, also known as the shiitake mushroom, native to Japan.

AHCC® is isolated from the root-like part of the mushroom called the mycelia through a long-term culturing process followed by cultivation, decomposition, sterilization, concentration, and freeze-drying.

Shiitake Mushrooms

What Makes AHCC® Special?

The final product contains a mixture of medicinal polysaccharides called alpha and beta-glucans. Glucans are known for their immune activity in the intestinal tract because they are easily digested and incorporated into the immune response.

AHCC® contains a specific glucan that isn’t found in other medicinal mushrooms, called acetylated alpha-glucan, derived through its proprietary manufacturing process.

Acetylated alpha-glucans are smaller than beta-glucans, making them more digestible and easy to use by the white blood cells of the immune system.

Does AHCC® Really Work?

Over 30 clinical research studies, including 20 human trials, have been conducted on the use of AHCC® in the last 20 years.

Multiple studies have found this compound to be beneficial in response to cancers and infection, and for general immunity.

AHCC® improves immunity by stimulating the production of important immune cells including natural killer (NK) cells, dendritic cells, and cytokines.

These immune molecules play a role in increasing the body’s natural defense mechanisms, as well as signaling to the rest of the body to initiate a targeted response.

Medical Research

Our Formula: AHCC® By PapillexTM

AHCC® is manufactured by Amino Up Chemical Co. LTD in Sapporo, Japan — the only producer of AHCC® worldwide.

Amino Up has a patented manufacturing process that has been studied extensively on immunity, infectious disease, cancer and inflammation at more than 100 leading institutions.

Amino Up has been manufacturing AHCC® since 1989 and has yet to report any adverse events other than mild side effects since it was launched.

The clinically researched AHCC® is only manufactured by Amino Up, LTD so the word “AHCC” will have a registered trademark (®) symbol next to it. If the word is spelled out in its entirety (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) , then it is not the same clinically researched AHCC® compound, and you will likely not receive the same benefits from taking that supplement.

There are many copycat products out there so make sure you are purchasing from a trusted source such as AHCC® by PapillexTM.

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